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Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science

Кампус КПІ, Корпус № 18

Dean: professor Telenyk Sergii
Address:Room 316, 317, Build.18, 41, Politehnichna St., Kyiv-56, 03056
Telephone number for information::204-98-27, 204-83-50
The dean’s office of part-time training : 204-94-13
e-mail: fiot[at]

Departments of Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science

All the departments involved in FIOT originate from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) which was founded in 1918 and from which the Faculty of Automation and Electrical Instrument Engineering detached. In 1975 this faculty was divided into two: Faculty of Control Systems and Faculty of Electrical Instrument Engineering and Computer Science. Some of departments of these faculties were united into the faculty with today’s name in 1985- " Informatics and Computer Science" (FIOT).

The faculty trains specialists in development and maintenance of software programs and technical means of computer and computer-aided systems, practical implementation of modern information technologies of general and target purpose for different branches of science and industry. They are able to create and exploit computer and computer-aided systems of data processing and control for organizational, technical, organizational and technical objects.

Graduates work as directors and designers of program hardware complexes, projects managers, administrators of informational, computer and computer-aided systems and networks in public and private scientific, industrial, bank institutions and firms in Ukraine and abroad.

Specialties and specializations group of FIOT

  • 121 Software Engineering
    • Information control systems and technology software
    • High productive computer systems and networks software
    • Information and communication systems software
    • Intelligent and robotic systems software
  • 123 Computer Engineering
    • Computer Systems and Networks
    • Programming technologies for computer systems and networks
  • 126 Information systems and technologies
    • Integrated information systems
    • Information support of robotic systems
    • Information control systems and technologies

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