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Anna Pohrebniak: "Science Is Dynamic and Exciting Process"

In the coming years, Ukraine will need not only material resources for recovery, but also experienced specialists in all areas of science and social reproduction. In particular, the new strategy of sustainable development - the circular economy - is gaining special importance.

Wroclaw Helps Ukrainians

Wroclaw, the third largest city in Poland after Warsaw and Krakow, became Polish-Ukrainian. According to the 2021 census, the population of Wroclaw was 673 thousand people.

ВAcademic Mobility Programme within DILLUGIS 2023 Project

Lecturers and more than 50 students of 15 faculties came in on online studies as part of the international academic mobility programme of the East Bavarian Technical University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden within the DILLUGIS 2023 project (Digital Labs & Lectures for Ukrainian, German &a

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Rocks

A two-day rock festival organized by the "Rock it" Music Workshop took place at the Student Consolidation Center.

About 30 bands from the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute performed on stage in front of the audience two days in a row.