Regulations on a monitor of an academic group in the National technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

1. General part

1. A monitor is a representative of a dean’s office appointed for the organizational support of educational process in an academic group and for managing the students of the group, who is involved in all formal events held by a dean’s office of a faculty(a directorate of an institute) and the university administration or under their instructions.

2. A monitor represents the interests of the students of a group at a dean’s office and at the chief department and works in cooperation with the deputy dean of student engagement.

3. A monitor of an academic group may participate in the activities of the student government of a faculty(an institute) and the university.

4. A monitor is a student who has good academic performance, shows high moral values, enjoys authority and respect among fellow students and teachers, has a positive influence on a group and displays strong organizational skills.

2. Appointment and dismissal of a monitor

1. In the first year, a monitor of an academic group is appointed by the administration of a faculty(or an institute) for the period of the first semester. At the expiration of this term, a monitor is re-elected(in case it is necessary) by the decision of an academic group in accordance with paragraphs 2.2, 2.4 of this Regulation.

2. A monitor is re-elected at the meeting of an academic group with the obligatory attendance of a representative of the administration of a faculty or an institute. The re-election is made by a simple majority of the students of an academic group as a result of direct voting, which is recorded in a corresponding report(application, minutes, etc.) for a dean’s office.

3. On the basis of the report, a monitor is appointed by an order(an instruction) of a faculty or an institute.

4. A monitor is appointed for the entire period of study. A monitor could be dismissed at his or her own request, on the initiative of the administration, student government or the students of the group in case he or she is not capable of carrying out the duties or failed to be the leader of the group.

3. The obligations of a monitor

1. To provide the students with the timely information on the instructions of the university administration, a dean’s office or the teachers who hold classes regarding the organization of the educational process and other formal events.

2. To participate in planning, organizing and holding the events which concern the educational process of the group.

3. To prepare and hold meetings of the students of an academic group, at which the current state of study and discipline and other topical issues are discussed.

4. To keep attendance record on a daily basis.

5. To conduct an individual work with the students regarding the requirements of the curriculum and in-house regulations.

6. To provide the students’ involvement in the events held by a faculty(an institute) or the university.

7. To immediately inform a dean’s office about the disruption of classes and probable misunderstandings regarding timetable.

8. To promptly inform the student government and the administration of a faculty or an institute about the violations of students’ right, possible conflicts with teaching staff  and other issues that are important for the students.

9. To participate meetings of the monitors of academic groups.

10. To participate in the work of the committees that are established on a faculty(an institute) to resolve conflict situations.

11. To obtain the final information about the  performance after the end of the tests and exams and bring this information to the students’ knowledge.

4. The rights of a monitor

1. To recommend the students with high achievements in study, research, public, sports and cultural work for receiving encouragement and material reward.

2. To put forward suggestions about imposing administrative penalties for the violation of academic and labour discipline and in-house regulations.

3. To defend the interests of a group while granting scholarships and accommodation in the hostel.

4. To give instructions to the students on organizing education process, public work and carrying out the tasks assigned to the group by the administration of a faculty(an institute) or the university.

5. For the due perfrormance of the obligations, a monitor could be given an encouragement or material reward by the administration and the student government of a faculty(an institute) or the university.

5. Responsibility

1. A monitor bears liability for the performance of duties and exercise of rights specified in this Regulation and adheres to confidentiality in an individual work with the students of an academic group.