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Learning to fly

В клубі дельтапланерного спорту НТУУ КПІ "Альтаїр"

Travelling in air not as a passenger but independently, is possible with many types of vehicles, lighter or heavier than air. In order to enjoy the free flight, you must first learn how to fly. In the club delta sport of NTUU KPI "Altair" you are taught to fly on hang-gliders.

Above the sky in a sport club of Hand Gliding at KPI "Altair"

у клубі дельтапланерного спорту КПІ “Альтаїр”

"... The apparatur is brought to the top of the flank. I still have not realized that felt at a time when I was preparing for run. Perhaps, happiness and joyness, perhaps fear. I knew only that I really like it and understand what now happens something very significant for me.


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