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Academic mobility

Академічна мобільність

There are 7 double diploma and 4 exchange programmes. Students actively attend Universities that have the proper cooperation agreements with KPI. The most popular are double diploma programmes with University Du Maine (France) and Otto-von-Guericke University (Germany), among exchange programmes the most popular is Østfold University College (Norway).

Almost half of students studying abroad acquire knowledge according to the double diploma programmes.


In general, the Academic mobility is an integration process in education which enables students, graduates and teachers to participate in different educational or researching programs. The main purposes of such programs are increase of education quality, development of intercultural exchange, training of future qualified specialists. Participation in the academic mobility programs gives students an opportunity to get good European education in the chosen field, to broaden their knowledge in all fields of European culture, to feel themselves as native Europeans.

The academic mobility in the KPI is based on implementation of students exchange programs, double-diploma programs, individual programs. Developing students mobility, the KPI takes part in internationalization and globalization processes, develops process of professionals and qualified specialists training; maintains social, economical, cultural and political relationships with other countries.

The academic mobility of the student is an ability to study during one or few terms in a foreign university while studying in the native university, for the same specialty considering disciplines (credits) and terms. Academic mobility is one of the main directions of the KPI activities, giving the students a unique opportunity to get a high-quality education, do researches or internships abroad. Today the KPI students can get an experience of being a part of a completely different educational system. Cooperation is based on KPI partnership with foreign universities and companies, due to which our students can participate in international education programs and:

  • try themselves in a completely different education system;
  • get additional knowledge in related branches
  • use modern technical equipment in foreign study labs and science centers to deal with different tasks;
  • improve the level of a foreign language;
  • obtain a foreign university diploma;
  • get professional experience during the practice on a foreign enterprise or during the internship in a science lab (center) according to the study plan;
  • learn more about foreign culture, history, traditions and study the negotiations strategy;
  • obtain a foreign university diploma and KPI diploma.

Academic mobility became an essential part of modern education and its role is constantly growing.


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