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Updated history museum of KPI will exist!

1902. Зоологічний музей

Museology in KPI has a long history. Except of Zoological museum of agricultural department, Engineer museum opened on February 1. It was supervised by engineering group. The museum commission of Engineer museum of KPI was established in 1905 and it was headed by Eugene Oskarovych Paton.

How to improve the efficiency of invention and innovation [April 26 - World Intellectual Property Day]

Літак Кудашев-1 на території КПІ на тлі ангару, 1910 р.

In his article "Science and Innovation - the basis of the modernization of the state's economy," Vice President for Research the corresponding member of NASU M.Yu.Ilchenko offers the following criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of inventive and innovative activities in the university: the

Kiev. Astronomical Observatory of Kiev National University. On a visit to the luminaries

Київ. Астрономічна обсерваторія (всередині)

It seems, that in this lost in the modern urban corner of land in Kiev the time has stood still. Giants chestnuts, maples and acacias protect the peace of large and small dome, where there are hidden from the weather hard workers - telescopes.

Paton Borys Evgenovich. Double Anniversary of Ukrainian Science

Фото. Патон Борис Євгенович

For someone who has come to Kyiv from the other city it is not difficult to find the Electric Welding Institute: to do this they just have to ask any of the passersby. Almost each of them will ask: “To Paton Institute?” and then tell in detail how and by what to get there. At the same time, few of them will probably be even nearly related to welding or to technics in general. Some will even not know why the institution is named after Paton – in honour to the founder, Evgeny Oscarovich Paton, or to Borys Evgenovich Paton, who has been the constant director of the institute for 55 years. That very Borys Paton, who, simultaneously, has been the head of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for 6 years now. For most of the citizens of Kyiv today the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Electric Welding Institute, in other words Paton Institute, is, to some extent, an embodiment of a real scientific institution. In the meanwhile, for many of them its director and the president of the Academy of Sciences is an example of a true scientist and a science coordinator.

Contact Seminar of Swedish Institute

2008.12.1-2 Контактний семінар Шведського Інституту

Pisarzhevskyy Lev Volodymyrovych

Писаржевський Лев Володимирович

Pisarzhevskyy Lev Volodymyrovych (1874-1938) is an eminent scientist in the field of physical chemistry, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, laureate of the Lenin Award, head of KPI's Department in 1908-1912.

Leonid Holovko – a professor-researcher

Головко Леонід Федорович

We keep letting our readers know the winners of all-university competition “Professor-researcher – 2007”. The point at issue is about Leonid Holovko, the professor of Laser Technology and Material Science Department of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Dr.-Ing.


History of Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Колектив КПІ. В лабораторії ІХФ, 2008

The beginning of the 30s of last century was the period of industrialization in the Soviet Union. The main classical construction and building materials - metal, metal alloys, brick, wood, etc - no longer met the needs of the economy under conditions of rapid technological progress.

International day of not smoking. About harm of smoking

Image. Про шкідливість паління

Every year since 1977 on the initiative of the International Union Struggle Against Cancer for the third Thursday of November a day of not smoking is carried out. This year's Day of not smoking fell on November 19th.

About Sigorsky Vitaly Petrovich

Аудиторія 412 - краща технізована аудиторія в КПІ. У дошки її головний конструктор Сігорський В.П.

Sigorsky Vitaly - an outstanding scientist, teacher, professor of physical and biomedical electronics, Ph.D., Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Professor Emeritus NTUU "KPI", a veteran of the Great Patriotic War.



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