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September 17 - Day of Inventor and Innovator | Teaching polytechnic students scientific and technical work

Лабораторія Ніколи Тесли в Колорадо-Спрінгс

“The Polytechnic Institute is a higher educational institution assigned for the training of engineers, that is, as the name itself indicates, people of genius capable of inventing and arranging a new one.

Celebration of New Year

Як святкують новий рік

Christmas holidays in different countries have something in common: farewell to the old year and hopes that troubles remain in the past, and in the new year things will get better. But in spite of this each country has its own traditions .

Metallurgy and heat treatment department is 80!

Кампус КПІ. 9 корпус влітку

Metallurgy as an academic and scientific discipline (at the beginning of its origin was called “metallography”) was founded in KPI in 1910 at the mechanical faculty in the department of general metals technology. The department of metallography and heat treatment headed by prof. Y. P.

Gordeladze Shalva Georgiyovich. Mathematician, soldier, astronomer. To the 100th anniversary from the date of a birth.

Фото. Горделадзе Шалва Георгійович

For 90th anniversary of the Department of Foundry Production

Колектив КПІ. Співробітники Кафедри ливарного виробництва чорних і кольорових металів

Preparing of foundry engineer in “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” has begun from the very beginning of Institute foundation. The Department of Metallurgy was organized by Professor V.P. Izhevsky in 1902 year on Chemistry Section, and the General Metals Technology Department was organized by Professor M.A. Voropaev in 1910 year on Mechanics Section. Several foundry engineers graduated from Mechanics and Chemistry faculties in accordance with Diploma design process up to 1925 year.

Student sanatorium

Кампус КПІ, Корпус № 33

Chief Physician: Latenko Eugene Ivanovich
Address: Bldg. 33, 146, Borschagivska str., Kyiv.
Tel: 204-83-73

Kyiv. Museum of books i typography of Ukraine

Київ. Музей книги i друкарства України /

The museum was founded in 1972 in the International Year of the book celebrated by UNESCO.

The Department of AUTS is 60!

Кафедрі АУТС – 60!

There were a lot of anniversaries of the chair of automation and control in technical systems (AUTS) in memory of its founders. One of the authors of this article is Ksenia Veremiyivna Biba.

Breathe in the life. "Correct breathing" lesson of Lidiya Volodymyrivna Butska

Вдихнути життя. Урок “правильного подиху”

According to the statistics, each year 3 million people die all around the world from diseases caused by tobacco. In Ukraine - 110 thousand people, in Kiev about 5.5 thousand. Every ten seconds a person dies from smoking.

Kiev. Treasury of folk culture - Ivan Gonchar Museum

Ivan Gonchar Museum was founded in September 1993.



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