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Competition to fill the vacancy of head

National technical university of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute” provides competition to fill the vacancy. Deadline for submitting documents – one month from the day of advertisement announcement in the newspaper “Kyiv polytechnics”. Address: Kyiv-56, Peremogy Avenue, 37, human resources department, room 243, 03056.

Lecture-Discussion by Axel Hesse – Founder & CEO of IT company VYDA "The future begins now! Practical tips on how to succeed"

2017.11.28  Лекція засновника відомої ІТ-компанії «VYDA»

Congratulations to the winners of the X Olympiad on circuit theory "TEC'2017" !!!

2017.11.23 Х олімпіади з теорії електронних кіл “ТЕК’2017”

On November 23-d, 2017 the X Olympiad on circuit theory was held. It has been organized by the Electronics Engineering Department of the Faculty of Electronics and is dedicated to the memory of Prof.

[20.11.2017 | 14:30] Public lecture of a world-famous scientist, Rolf Dieter Heuer

Відкрита лекція Рольф-Дітер Хойера

On November, 20, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute will host the public lecture of a famous German scientist, Rolf Dieter Heuer.

«The evolution of cognition»: the efforts to know the Truth

2017.11.15  відкриття монументальної композиції «Еволюція пізнання»

On November 15 was held the grand opening of the monumental composition “Evolution of Cognition” near the entrance gate of the University on the side of Yangel Street.

The awarding of the President’s scholarship winners

2017.11.13 Вручення дипломів лауреатам стипендії Президента України

On November, 13 the ceremony of awarding the winners of the All-Ukrainian student Olympiads on basic subjects and the All-Ukrainian competition for the protection of research works of pupils - members of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine diplomas of the winners of the scholarship of the President of Ukraine was held in the KPI.

Meeting with the Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine

2017.11.10 Зустріч з керівником Державного космічного агентства України

On November, 10, the KPI was visited by the Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Pavlo Degtyarenko and his adviser Eduard Kuznetsov.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute commences the cooperation with the Chonbuk National University (the Republic of Corea)

2017.11.10 КПІ імені Ігоря Сікорського розпочинає співпрацю з Національним університетом Чонбук (Республіка Корея)

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute signed a framework agreement on cooperation with the National University of Chonbuk (Chonbuk National University, or CBNU, Republic of Korea).

Vacancy Fair «beAhead. Fall 2017»

Ярмарок вакансій «beAhead. Осінь 2017»

November, 9, a vacancy fair “beAhead. Fall 2017” was hosted by the Igor Sikosrky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. More than 35 companies took part in it, interested in attracting prospective students and young specialists to their states.

To 145th Anniversary of Birth and 100th Anniversary of death of Olexandr Kudashev (video)

2017.11.07 відкрито пам’ятний знак на місці побудови літака «Кудашев-1»

On November, 7, a commemorative mark was unveiled in the KPI at the site of the construction of the Kudashev-1 aircraft, the first airborne aircraft of the national design.



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